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PP-7100 Polo Placket machine

PP-7100 Polo Placket machine

PP-7100 - Automatic Polo Placket Setting Machine

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Main Features

  • Programmable stitch and cutting patterns due to X-Y movement. 6 placket types in built-in programs
  • Option to choose polo type between set-on or hidden placket (single or double knife operation) from touchscreen panel
  • Set-on type placket open or closed end selectable
  • Special fabric spreading and clamping for single and double knife operations ensuring highest possible finish quality
  • Automatic start by photocell activation
  • Condensed stitching and backtacking at start and end of stitching
  • Laser guided body and placket matching
  • Preparation table extension
  • DC motor controlled fabric cutting enabling full or semi cut
  • Vacuum system for connecting to central vacuum outlet

Technical Specifications

  • Brother 7200 lockstitch sewing head on linear rail for Y axis movement
  • Colored touchscreen control panel
  • PLC control system
  • AC Servo carriage motor
  • DC fabric cutting motor
  • Thread trimming
  • Top thread monitor
  • Sewing length 15 - 300 mm
  • Sewing Width 0.1 – 40 mm


  • Vacuum Motor

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