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Atlas Mark IV - Automatic Belt-Loop Setter for Jeans

Atlas Mark IV - Automatic Belt-Loop Setter for Jeans

Atlas is the latest AMF Reece automatic belt-loop setter machine. This unique belt-loop setter enables fully automatic belt-loop length change in just a few seconds. It allows sewing of fully user-customable tack patterns by electronically-driven X-Y feeding and twin-needle system. All the machine functions are controllable through a colorful graphical 5.7” touch-screen.

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Main Features

Fast Adaptation

Due to a unique patent-protected adaptable system, the machine allows ultra-fast change to various requested belt-loop lengths in only a few seconds. Together with a comfortable belt-loop width change, the machine down-time is significantly reduced when switching between production batches.

Sewing Dimensions

Machine is capable of sewing wide range of belt-loop dimensions. Please refer to the table on the last page and picture on the right. Belt-loop length (~tack spacing) is automatically adjusted by means of four stepper motors, and loop width is easily changed by only one manually-adjustable element.


Machine can perform straight and cross (X-shape) cutting. A quick exchange between the straight and cross cutting style is provided as there is only a single knife which is rotated for X-shape cutting.

Scrap Reduction

Machine is equipped with a splice detector as standard, allowing reduction of scraps in production. Splice thickness is adjustable in a very comfortable and accurate way.

Operator Supporting Functions

Operator is supplied with the following functions speeding up the machine complete daily usage procedure and reducing machine down-times:

  • Front & Back Bottom-Thread Bobbin Exchange Mode – machine bedplate is moved sideways in the way the looper with bobbin is easily accessible.
  • Thread Winding Mode – a position for bottom thread bobbin winding is automatically established and winding starts by pressing a single button.
  • Belt-Loop Release Button – this button helps to release a ready-to-sew belt-loop in case it is not prepared properly due to external circumstances or start of a batch of another belt-loop style.


High Resolution Full-Color Touch Screen Display

5.7" LCD high resolution full-color touch screen display incorporates all the sewing functions. The use of easily understandable symbols makes the machine very easy to operate with minimum requirements for training time. User friendly icons are utilized for setting parameters such as belt-loop length, sewing shape and dimension, number of stitches and cutting style. Currently sewn button parameters are displayed on the main screen while operating the machine.

Sewing Range and Style

Belt-Loop Length

Belt-loop length (~tack spacing) can be set in the range from 35 to 100 mm and it is adjusted automatically. The following mechanism properties change when the belt-loop length is adjusted by the operator from the machine touch-screen panel.

There is no need of any mechanical interference from neither a technician nor operator, giving even a possibility of various belt-loop lengths on single pair of jeans.

Belt-Loop Width

Belt-loop width can be adjusted in the range from 10 to 30 mm.

Sewing Pattern

Sewing area of 30 x 15 mm (X – Y) can be exploited for creating fully user-customable patterns which will be sewn by the twin-needle system as the belt-loop bar-tacks.

In an advanced pattern design mode, the user can design arbitrary sewing patterns which fit into the machine sewing area. An appropriate clamp-feet & plates shall be selected from the standard offer or can be produced per request.

Belt-Loop Extension

As per the customer's request, the belt-loop can be extended up to 10 mm. The length of this extension is again comfortably adjustable.