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Sewing Machines

AMF Reece is world famous producer of specialty industrial sewing machines with loge-time tradition. The AMf Reece specialty industrial sewing machines can be divided into the following groups - eyelet buttonhole machines, chainstitch machines, hand stitching machines, pocketwelting machines, seriging and side seamer units, sewing automats, sewing units, blind stitching units profile stitching system and newly jeans units. Machine details including its applications and available downloads can be viewed on this page.

  • Eyelet Buttonhole MachinesES-505, ES-505 Indexer, S-311, S-311 Indexer, S-105, S-100, S-101, S-104
  • Jeans AutomatsAtlas Mark IV, PS 250, TW-5900, TH-5500, RPS/F Series
  • Pocketwelting MachinesLW 7001
  • Profile Stitching SystemAutojig machine 84-72 MS, Autojig machine 84-55, Autotrak 84-78
  • Button StitchersEBS Mark II, CBS 13, BT-2700
  • Chainstitch Special Application MachinesS-4000/1 ISBH Indexer, S-4000 BH, S-4000 CAED, S-4000 LS, S-4000 LT
  • AMF Hand Stitching MachinesDeco 2000
  • Sewing AutomatsFF-2500, PF-2200, SP-2600, DP-3500
  • Serging and Side Seamer UnitsTS+1600, TS-1700, TS-1300, TS-2300
  • Sewing UnitsFZ-3400, WC-3300
  • Bar-TackersBT-3200, BT-3500
  • Blind Stitching UnitsBL-3100, WL-3200
  • Knitwear machines

Eyelet Buttonhole Machines

Our company is well known especially for its eyelet buttonhole machines that are very popular among apparel manufactures. We can offer wide range of electronic and mechanical eyelet buttonhole machines. We are also the only company in the world manufacturing an eyelet buttonhole machine capable of sewing buttonholes that gives the appearance of a hand sewn buttonhole. Eyelet buttonhole machines can sew all types of buttonholes with or without the gimp thread including round eyelets. Customers can choose different eye shapes, thread trimming and buttonhole size and cutting. Our new generation of an electronic eyelet buttonhole machine combines excellent traditional buttonhole quality with...

Products: ES-505 | ES-505 Indexer | S-311 | S-311 Indexer | S-105 | S-100 | S-101 | S-104 |

Chainstitch Special Application Machines

The S-4000 AMF Reece series is the most productive chainstitch special application machine line available with no bobbin changes and the only one with an electronic stop motion. The S-4000 series offers six different machines depending on the application such as – straight buttonhole machine, imitation sleeve buttonhole machine with Indexer, tacker machine, lingerie tacker machine, cut after edge machine and label sewer machine. The high, electronically selectable sewing speed up to 3,800 spm makes the S-4000 the fastest chainstitch buttonhole and special applications machines available. The elasticity of chainstitch provides the flexibility needed for many fabrics such as...

Products: S-4002 ISBH 30° Angle Indexer | S-4001 ISBH Indexer SM | S-4001 ISBH 30° Angle Indexer | S-4000 ISBH Indexer SM | S-4000 BH | S-4000 CAED | S-4000 LS | S-4000 LT | S-4000 TKF | S-4000 TFK Label Feeder |

Pocketwelting Machines

AMF Reece has long experience in manufacturing and developing pocketwelting machines. AMF Reece pocket welting machine Series 42 introduced in the 60s became the world’s first automatic pocket welting machine. Since that AMF Reece has successfully sold a number of pocket welting machines. Currently AMF Reece offers lockstitch pocketwelting machine LW 7001 that efficiently sews single, double straight and slanted (angle) welts depending on the machine modification. This versatile lockstitch pocketwelting machine can be used for all types of welted pockets and is ideal for all segments of the apparel industry. Available models and a wide range of optional accessories make the lockstitch...

Products: Pocketwelting Machine LW 7001 |

AMF Hand Stitching Machines

The AMF Reece handstitching machines add value to any type of outwear and are especially required by manufacturers sewing top quality garments such as men’s/ladies’ tailored jackets, suits, leather garments etc. This handstitching machines are equipped with our unique and patented floating needle technology. The handstitching machines use a double pointed needle with an eye in the middle. By the use of two needle bars, a length of thread is passed through the material duplicating the hand stitch with flawless consistency and incomparable speed. Due to the hand-sewn effect the handstitching machines are presented as the hallmark of quality. AMF Reece offers two different...

Products: DECO 2000 |

Button Stitchers

AMF Reece button stitcher family provides wide range of button sewing technologies from simple lock-stitch technology up to high quality top-class stitching. Hand-stitch imitation technology represents the highest quality of buttonhole sewing and, on top of Deco 2000 decorative hand stitching machine, is used by EBS Mark II button sewing machine. This machine is widely used by traditional Italian and Japanese market defining a distinguishing standard for button sewing. Chainstitch CBS 13 machine provides dominant solution for most applications from button sewing, characterized by its unique, patented technical concept, extreme flexibility and rapid sewing cycle. In the end, lock-stitch...

Products: EBS Mark II | CBS 13 | BT-2700 | BSW Mark III |

Serging and Side Seamer Units

AMF Reece serging and side seamer units offer excellent solutions for efficient production of trousers, skirt and other parts. AMF Reece serging and side seamer units helps trouser manufactures rapidly increase their production with consistent and high quality stitching. The high speed of serging and side seamer units allows fast and overlapping working method without manual interference of the operator. AMF Reece serging and side seamer units are equipped with overlock Pegasus sewing head and large touch screen display. ...

Products: Serging Units | Side Seamer Units |

Sewing Automats

AMF Reece sewing automats automate the stitching operations of darts and waistband pleats, side pockets, trouser fly fronts and pocket facings onto the pocket bags. AMF Reece sewing automats guarantee consistent stitch quality regardless of the fabric type and increased productivity. The high speed of the sewing automats allows fast and overlapping working method without manual interference of the operator. AMF Reece sewing automats are equipped with lockstitch sewing head and large touch screen...

Products: FF-2500 | PF-2200 | SP-2600 | DP-3500 |

Sewing Units

AMF Reece sewing units offer high quality solutions to trouser and skirt manufactures. AMF Reece sewing units automate stitching operations of endless zippers to trouser flies and stitching operations of waistbands in the seam shadow. AMF Reece sewing units guarantee consistent stitch quality and increased...

Products: FZ-3400 | WC-3300 |

Blind Stitching Units

It's impossible to imagine the clothing industry without blind stitch sewing units. AMF Reece offers two blind stitching units, one for preparation of belt loops and one for attaching the lining to the waistband. Blind stitching units represent high quality and perform equally well on light to heavy fabrics. AMF Reece blind stitch sewing units use either Maier or Strobel blind stitch sewing...

Products: BL-3100 | WL-3200 |

Profile Stitching System

The Automatic templates stitching system, was pioneered by our company in the 1960’s. The automatic templates stitching system enables large and small garment components to be assembled quickly and accurately by unskilled operators, without the high cost and inflexibility normally associated with automatic system. The patented AMF Reece automatic templates stitching system ensures that the stitched component has perfect size, shape and “fullness,” irrespective of the operator’s skill, for the maximum quality. Component size or shape can be changed in the few seconds required to exchange the stitching jigs. Automatic templates stitching system offers a range of models...

Products: Autojig machine 84-72 MS | Autojig machine 84-55 | Autotrak 84-78 | Autotrak CNC |

Jeans Automats

AMF Reece links to its tradition in jeans industry and brings a broad range of jean sewing machinery. High level automation is comprehended in belt-loop and pocket setters: The belt-loop setter Atlas Mark IV is the world unique machine allowing extreme flexibility due to its fully automatic belt-loop length adjustment. Pocket setter PS 250 with its creasing unit and double-thread-color technology is the most suitable solution for heavy duty industry. The jeans line is further complemented by automatic waistband attachment automates and automatic bottom hemming machine. The latter is a matchless machine bringing full automatic bottom hemming cycle with differential feeding ensuring...

Products: Atlas Mark IV | PS 250 | TW-5900 | TH-5500 | RPS/F Series |


Higher productivity and better ergonomics – main properties of the AMF Reece bar-tackers family. Various application from light- to heavy-weight fabric sewing supplemented by standard and strip-held button sewing cover any need in the field of lock-stitch bartacking. All the modern features are included such as dry-type head, optimized short-thread trimming mechanism, direct-drive servomotor and X-Y mechanism providing large sewing area. Any user pattern requirement can be easily covered by special PC software where any bar-tack shape can be designed and quickly transferred into the...

Products: BT-3200 | BT-3500 |